Thursday, June 9, 2011

Perroux Gully

Back up the Aiguille du Midi and over to the Tacul. This time with Chamonix virgin Andrew Wexler from Canada. It was his first time, so we started out slow with a nice romp up the mixed route "Perroux Gully" which is located not more than 30feet away from the Chere couloir. This was my second time on the route. The last time i remember absolutely no ice on the route and therefore some desperado mixting. This time not so much, amazing neve with splitter granite cracks for pro. Go do it!

Wexler is a Mountain guide... says so on his jacket. Isnt that cool?!?!?

Wex cant find the mountains....

Boulangerie, check... still cant find the mountain...

Cant believe all these people found the mountain befor we did!!!

Some French army people getting in the way of my photo of the righteous Grande Jorrasse.

Le Grande Vert and the Aiguille du Plan in the foreground


4th pitch

Some vrais alpinists descending the Tacul

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