Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ski Guide Training

Winter Mountaineering on the Coast


For any skiier who has visited the Bugaboos in the summer climber it pretty easy to imagine how magical of a place the Bugs would be to visit in the winter. It took a half a dozen phone calls but talked CMH in to having me out the the Bugaboo lodge for a wee practicum heli-skiing. The weather and skiing was mediocre but its hard to really notice as your constantly distracted wit the beautiful views, an endless supply of gourmet food and getting to fly around in a helicopter.

Valhalla Mountain Touring

One of the perks of being a "guide in training" is you have reason for ski opperations to let you come ski with them for free. Only draw back is 1) you must wash about as many dishes as turns you get 2) you have to ski last. But other than that is a freeking good deal! Mid Jan i found myself back up skiing with my good friend Evan Steven and Jasmin Caton at there backcountry ski touring operation Valhalla Mountain Touring.