Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Petit Dru

Some the wildest people I have ever met have been in Chamonix, noumerous people making attempts the ski K2 or Fripper whos goal is to ski Everest and K2 this year!  Or most recently the Norwegian duo of wingsuit jumpers and their american friend who between being the leader in turbine technology makes money by jumping off large buildings in a school girl outfit.  Respect!  
Over beers one of the Norwegians and I got talking about the the Petite Dru and we decided to head up the American direct tomorrow the see if he could fly off of the thing.  Unfortunately upon reaching the base it looked like the only jumpable section would probly not be reachable since it layed the massive rock scared area.  So we decied to head up to the top of the rappable section and spend the night on the wall.  The climbing was amazing! Cant wait to climb the route to the top.    Sorry no photos the Norwegian has them.  


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kuffner Ridge

Assuming one manages to get out for the cafe or boulangerie (land of fabulous baked goods) to head up on the the mountian (20 min gondola ride) one is faced with the problem which can be more difficulty than the climbing it self: Deciding what to climb!  The mountains here are so jam packed with goodies one can spend half their stay flipping through guides or speaking to the lady at the maison de la mountagne (climbing beta office...sweet) just trying to decide what to do.  So after a week of deliberation and acclimatization routes Pete and I decided to head up the Kuffner ridge on Mount Maudit.   Was a good choice!

The Fouche bivi