Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whistler Backcountry Couloir Sking

Ahhhh sweet whistler... I love this place. Leave town at 10, Ski 3 awesome couloirs, hang out in wild mountains and be back in time to catch the afternoon sun at home. Made this video yesterday of skiing the Cham Chutes and the chisel... we also skied some other stuff but had gotten sick of wearing this dorky helmet cam.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Backcountry Skiing

Recently was contracted out by the Revelstoke Mountain Resort to guide a day of backcountry touring off the hill. It had been a few years since i explored the resort and i will admit what i had stuck in my head was that it with out question was no match to the Mighty Whistler. But after 2 excellent lattes and a couple croissants at the conveniently located coffee shop at the foot of the lifts i was starting to believe this might just be a more frequent destination for me.
Off the Gondola you glide past limitless ski options that with out question would fulfill years!! Our gang of 9 skiers from Quebec plus 2 other guides – Angus Willson and Pete Murry we managed to bag 3 excellent high alpine runs. Absolutely a stellar day. Finished up with a few stellar pints back at the hill base. Seriously worth a visit.

Dropping in from the top of "Almost Heli"

"Almost Heli"

The Gang!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heli Skiing at CMH Adaments

Heli Ski season has began!! Started the winter off with a week at CMH Galena befor heading to CMH Adaments for the rest of the season. Despite a couple tricky layers in the snowpack we have been able to find some excellent/safe skiing.

Flying into Unicorn right below the Adament Spires

Skier on Buenos Dias

Perfect snow in the sun on Ninja Turtle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blackcomb Backcountry Couloir Action

Finally the snow returns!!! It may have still only been 5cm's but we will take it!!
Headed up the Blackcomb ski hill and out to check out some couloir around the Spearhead and Decker. The sweet 5cm's really helped out, the skiing was great!

Sean popping out the East Col, Just outside of the Blackcomb ski area.

Spearhead Peak and the Spearman glacier

A little unnamed couloir onto the Spearman Glacier

Vista Bowl

Vista Bowl

The Chisel Couloir off Mount Decker

The Cham Chutes

Dropping into the Y couloir off of Mount Decker

Y couloir

Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Chute - Duffy Lake Road

Despite the prolonged dryspell on the Coast there still is good skiing to be found!! This week a good friend from Revelstoke came out for some backcountry snowboarding around Whistler.
We took it up to the Duffy Lake Road, North of Pemberton. Was a bit of a roll of the dice to decide just what we wanted to ride this day. We opted for the line i have always looked at but never skiied, the Birthday Chute off of the Vantage Shoulder. The line is a nice narrow chute about 40 - 45 degrees in to a large fan. Despite lacking snow on the upper pitch so it required some carefull down climbing the run was great!

Mount Joffre North face lines looking quite filled in for this time of the year.

Mount Matier, The Anniversary Glacier and Mount Joffree

Angus down climbing in to the Birthday Chute

Angus dropping in

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ice Season

In case you are one of the people not fortunate to be sitting on beach sipping pinacolada's its ice climbing season in the Rockies! A few routes are officially in: Ranger creek, Shades of beauty, Murchison falls, Nemisis, and the trophy wall. Climbed T2 up on the Trophy wall with local bad asses John freeman and Josh Lavign this week.